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The Scary Blank Page/Screen/Stage

How to approach a FIRST? Writing the first line of a book; saying the first line of your character on stage, approaching your first kiss, writing A FIRST BLOG POST... EVER! Maybe pretending it's the second would make it do-able? Is it the uncharted, virginal-until-I (possibly?)-soil-it clean page or screen? The sense of responsibility to...what? That it could have been ANYTHING, yet with my first word I determine its fate. (Maybe that's why I am only parent to a cat. And a non-custodial mother at that!) One trick that actors use to get over that hump, the entering stage left and saying that first line, is to create a previous conversation in their heads which they have in the wings. That way, that FIRST LINE is only the first FOR THE AUDIENCE. For the actor it is the continuation of a life they were living before they entered the stage lights. But A FIRST BLOG POST!? What is worthy? Exactly. And is it even fair, right, or frivolous to just posit the predicament IN ORDER TO GET PAST IT? Gemini-like I answer my own question. Yes! Yes. Do whatever you need to do to get past that hurdle. Manipulate and lie to yourself. Pretend! FEAR = False Expectations Appearing Real. And now the toughest part is over. Whew! THANK YOU if you reached this last sentence. Likewise, thank you if you split after the second sentence. In my imagination you helped me out. So grazie. And onward, ever onward.After all...ANGELS FLY BECAUSE THEY TAKE THEMSELVES LIGHTLY.

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