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DAZZLING DIVAS, DAMES, DAMSELS & Their MISS Cellaneous MS. Adventures

by LorrieGay Marlow

Simultaneously a commentary on pop-culture, a clever piece of word-PLAY, and just a really cool looking book, Dazzling Divas, Dames and Damsels... is both a picture book of imaginary and idiosyncratic damsels (sort of Jorge-Luis-Borges-Book-of-Imaginary-Beings-light), and also an irreverent examination of the many ways girls and women can be grown, evolved, and also distorted by the culture they live in. Peopled with the colorfully illustrated likes of the multi-ethnic diva Ms.Cegenation; the famed radio "psychologist”(Ms. Ogynist) who enjoys phenomenal success on the basis of her browbeating of her female callers; the glorious hedonist Ms. Behavin', the ensemble cast also includes interior designer Ms. En Scene; the intriguing Ms. Terious; tense New Yorker Ms. Ann Thrope; that most Sadie Thompson of girls Miss Used; Ms. Judge and her innocent target Miss Judged, and that antebellum former Southern belle, Ol' Miss. But, to paraphrase that most irreverent and alluring of animated heroines Jessica Rabbit: "They're not bad. They're just drawn that way!"

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