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Documentary excerpt on Self-Marriage. How…and Why!


Illuminating Vow Process the classes are grounded in, this excerpt from the documentary, Sacred Self Marriage is an intimate look at how transforming your INNER experience can revolutionize ALL your relationships. With the help of my patient (and often sobbed-on) Little Laurie doll, I share the process detailed in I DO ME WED!, a method that uses acting technique and left-/right-brain Inner Child work (plus a secret ingredient) to finally help you give your SELF the same love you offer others.

First in a series of Grant's Rants episodes, we range from, frankly, pop culture fodder  to the spiritual aspects of navigating in the entertainment industry without doing damage to your spirit; Caitlyn Jenner as a vehicle to explore defining our Selves and being a mature woman in any circumstances; Eastern thought, and of course, LOVE!

Welcome to My Vow/Birthday/Self-Wed Party!

After a horrific break-up and a slow-dance with despair, this was my way of "owning" my vows to myself by having them witnessed. (Making me publicly responsible to my Self.  Oh noooooo!) The Vow Process uses acting technique, left-/right-brained inner child work, and an unexpected ingredient. And then my life REALLLLLY CHANGED because marrying your Self isn't a substitute. It's a magnet to attract the love you want…from all your relationships.  It's an inside job!

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