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How to Marry Your SELF & Start Attracting the Love You Want


...Because We Can't Allow Ourselves to BE Loved More Than We Love Ours SELVES

The Vow Process on which the class (single or groups) is based came out of the most torturous end of the most hope-filled relationship as I came face-to-face with all my recurring patterns and longings combined into one big, efficient ball of pain and dysfunction. I decided I would not get off the floor (literally!) until I had created a way to give myself what I had longed for from another. When I married myself and used the resulting vows from this process something changed, shifted, on the inside. And then on the outside! (I TOTALLY wasn't doing this to get married but somehow, incredibly, I find that I am.) I had "become the change I'd wanted to see" on a deeper, more subtle level [Thanks Gandhi!].   The Vow Process, a journey in 20 questions which combines Acting Technique with  Inner Child work (plus a twist!) led me to figure out how to get to the bottom of what we believe about ourselves and the world, craft do-able vows/ sacred promises to your own life, and ultimately have them witnessed by those closest to us (to hold yourself accountable!).   And those illustrations? Life is duality. Even in   the in the midst of my pain I'd realized that there  was an element of the operatically absurd in what I was experiencing.  So, as in the great American Musical where the characters break into song  when their feelings are too large to contain, I  (evidently) break out into cartoon!  As actor and playwrite Robert Morley said: To  fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness."   

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